The World of JungSon Audio

The new V-99 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

Impression CD Player - Valve Module Shown (Right)

JungSon, the most legendary name amongst Class A Hi Fi products in China has won millions of hearts around the world

Founded in 1993, the high-end audio manufacturer has achieved immediate acclaim and won numerous prestigious awards for its Class A design Hi Fi / AV audio equipment.

By co-operating with the world-class key players including SONY, BURR BROWN, TOSHIBA, MOTOROLA and SANKEN. Every Jungson product is made with hi-end components and guaranteed for quality.

V-33 Integrated Tube Amplifier


JungSon products have owned hi-fi fans’ acclaim and professional reviewers’ approval by excellent sonic performance and top-quality craftsmanship. Recently we received inquiries about repair of newly brought “JungSon” amplifiers. Many of those failed products are brought from a website called Cattylink Analog Research (

To remind our customers, JungSon has no business relationship with Cattylink; and Cattylink is not an authorised JungSon dealer. Cattylink collected JungSon products for the Chinese domestic market (220V), and re-sell them to overseas customers. Some of the products could be refurbished and repaired. In the worst cases, the amplifiers are from unknown sources and not made by JungSon. The fake JungSon amplifiers reported by buyers have incorrect series numbers that are longer then our genuine products. Purchasing such products from Cattylink will not only waste buyer’s money, but also threaten buy’s safety.

JungSon have no any duty and obligation to repair or service any products acquired from Cattylink and have no responsibility for problems caused by products obtained from Cattylink and other unauthorised dealers. JungSon also preserves legal rights to prosecute Cattylink and other unauthorised dealers for damage of JungSon’s brand reputations.

We ask our customers do not buy JungSon products from any unauthorised dealers. JungSon only provide services to the customers who brought JungSon products from our authorised dealers. Our customers will have peace of mind to enjoy JungSon products, as we faithfully carry out our warranty policy. Please check JungSon website to find out our authorised overseas dealers. Or email us ( for dealer information.