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JA-88D Class A Intergrated Amplifier

JungSon Power Amplifiers are extremely well built with a competetive price within the range of top end Hi Fi equipments. And it is well known for its Class A performance.

Hi Fi Forums rave about the Class A design, Hi Fi Reviews rate highly about our products. Links on the left hand side show our fleet of amplifier to suit your system upgrade.

JA-1/JA-99c Class A Amplifier

Australian Hi Fi Magazine said

Jungson Pre/Power combo, from one of China's largest and best-known (at least in China!) manufacturers shows that famous well-known high-end marques in the US and the UK. And even here in Australia, it will need to keep on their toes."

"I have absolutely no doubt that if the JA-2 and JA-100 were wearing the badge of a famous British or American amplifier manufacturer, rather than that of a famous Chinese manufacturer, they'd command a price two or three times higher than MFL is asking for them"

JA-2/JA-50 Class A Pre/Power Amplifier